Treat your hair to an Olaplex treatment....

Olaplex is for every hair type. It is customisable to the needs of each individual's hair and has the ability to bring your hair back to a virgin like state.

Here at Harpers we have found Olaplex particularly effective on frizz prone hair during humid summer weather.

After an in-salon treatment and regular use of the Olaplex No 3 take home treatment, hair will appear smoother and stronger with minimal frizz and is ultimately easier to handle resulting in less need for the use of hot irons!

A single Olaplex treatment in the salon costs £20 and we also offer reduced price duo package for just £45. This package includes the in-salon treatment (worth £20) and the take home treatment (worth £32) for just £45!

Book an in-salon Olaplex treatment + purchase an Olaplex take home treatment and recieve your blowdry free of charge.

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