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Introducing the Harpers 2018 collection

Our team at Harpers continually expands their knowledge and creativity to progress their work, ensuring the service given to our clients is tailored to their individual needs.

Colour is becoming a must-have for many clients, whether it’s a quick service to brighten natural tones, a major colour change, classic highlights or an anti-aging colour to transform greying hair. Importantly colour also works with the cut to ensure your hairstyle looks amazing. It’s the game-changer. We can create a great cut, but adding colour can make that cut absolutely fantastic.

So it’s not surprising our new collection has been strongly influenced by colour. Whether it’s sun playing havoc with your hair colour taking away its shine and vibrancy or central heating drying out your locks leaving them lifeless, colour can brighten and enliven your style. With this in mind and the help if TIGI copyright colour we’ve created super-flattering shades to give your hair a lift.

If you’re wondering where we get our inspiration – it’s you! Our influence always comes from our clients plus we look at what is happening ‘on the high street’ and with this knowledge our aim is to create an image that you can wear everyday to look like stylish and chic and importantly, to feel great.

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