Tigi Inspirational Youth

Ollie completes his final show for Tigi Inspirational Youth

As a salon owner I'm incredibly proud of Ollie and what he has achieved during his Inspirational Youth Journey and I'm sure this is just the start of an amazing career. Here's what Ollie had to say...

"Over the period of my Inspirational Youth Journey, I can't even begin to explain how amazing it was, from meeting new people to making amazing friends and working with some of the best hairdressers in the industry.

After learning lots of different skills and working in a completely different environment I became confident in my presentation skills, self ability and working on stage. I went with an attitude of taking in as much knowledge and advice as possible with having a goal of becoming an asset to my salon and clients. Most importantly I had fun along the way which for Tigi that was what it was all about.

It was an amazing opportunity that I will never forget and hopefully it is the start of many more exciting experiences in the industry."

Check out the full article at: http://www.hji.co.uk/hair/tigi-celebrates-2015-inspirational-youth-team/

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