Introducing the new Harpers collection

We’d like to introduce you all to the 2016 Harpers Collection!

Our aim was to create a collection that has a classic foundation with a modern day twist. We wanted to create something that was a timeless glamour to all our clients which is where we took our inspiration.

When working on this collection, we wanted to create styles and give each individual model their own personalised look. When working with our female models we wanted to create something that was efficient and applicable to our clients. With our male model we wanted to create a serious capsule of the everyday growing industry, giving him serious style and slickness.

Browse our collection below:

 harpers 2016 collection1

harpers 2016 collection2

harpers 2016 collection3

harpers 2016 collection4

harpers 2016 collection5

harpers 2016 collection6

harpers 2016 collection7

harpers 2016 collection8

harpers 2016 collection9

harpers 2016 collection10

harpers 2016 collection11

harpers 2016 collection12

harpers 2016 collection13

Browse our behind the scenes gallery below:


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