Freehand Balayage

At the start of June, three members of our team were lucky enough to be able to spend the day at Notanothersalon in their academy in London perfecting the art of freehand balayage and how to create the perfect blend.

They then shared those techniques with the rest of the team in a masterclass session back in our salon. We invited three models in to have their hair lightened using the techniques learnt and we think the results are pretty awesome. 

Freehand colouring techniques are what we're using the most of now on our colour clients to create a much more bespoke colour.

For any questions, queries or to book a complimentary consultation call us on 01773 882884.

freehand balayage1

freehand balayage2

freehand balayage3

freehand balayage4

freehand balayage5

freehand balayage7

freehand balayage8

freehand balayage9

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