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Did you know that thinning hair is a broad issue affecting 50% of people?

It can now be managed so you can enjoy thicker, fuller-looking hair. Many answers on the market are either drug-based or serve to camouflage the condition. NIOXIN’s ® hollistic approach to thinning hair is very different. It does not aim to regrow hair or camouflage the issue.

NIOXIN’s ® innovative skincare-inspired technology delivers thicker, fuller-looking hair. Whatever the factors underlying your thinning hair, NIOXIN ® has the expertise to address your issue with a tailored treatment.

Making the most with the hair you have begins with a consultation at Harpers, your NIOXIN ® salon. One of our fully-qualified stylists will be able to introduce you to the benefits of NIOXIN ®, talk through your needs and recommend a tailored solution.

If you've never used NIOXIN ® before, we would recommend a Complete Renewal Service.

Call us today on 01773 882 884 to book your appointment.

  • Natalie Carrington

    “From the 1st shampoo I noticed a difference, it was easier to style and my scalp felt really refreshed and clean. Three months later I'm still using Nioxin and I'm still just as happy with the results. My hair looks and feels thicker but not only that other people are commenting and noticing that it looks thicker too.”

  • Karen Dawes

    “I have been using Nioxin 3 for 11 weeks having been assessed by Harpers for the use of this product. I have experienced new hair growth, better hair conditioning and generalised overall hair improvement within this time. I would certainly recommend this product and will continue to use the product in order to gain improvement. Not only have I felt and seen the difference, it has been noticed by others - family, colleagues and by my stylist.”

  • Alison Andrews

    “Through my loyalty card I received a complimentary hair reborn treatment. The massage was fantastic - so relaxing. I had the awakening treatment which has made my hair feel amazing.”

  • Stephanie Powell

    “I have been using Nioxin Diaboost at home and also having it on my hair when I visit Harpersfor a blow dry. I think it is an excellent product, it has made such a difference to the thickness and body of my hair. Personally I would recommend it.”



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