OLAPLEX the new salon wonder treatment

OLAPLEX the new salon wonder treatment

OLAPLEX is the new salon wonder treatment available here at Harpers that actually fixes damaged hair!

What Is Olaplex?

Olaplex is strengthening product it works to mend the structure of the hair, rather than smothering it in moisture.

How does it work?

Essentially, colouring your hair eats away at your hair’s protein reserves. If you want to get techy about it, it splits the sulphur bonds, which then become sulphur hydrogren and that process gnaws away the hair protein. Olaplex links these bonds back together, preventing the damage and making hair smoother and shinier.

It’s ideal as an add-on alongside having your hair coloured, as it allows dark hair to be lightened quicker and less aggressively, but can be had as a standalone treatment too.

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